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Mosquito Control: Your Safe & Effective Solution

Understanding the Controversy: Mosquito control has its skeptics, and we respect that. However, when approached correctly, mosquito control can be both safe and highly beneficial. Here's why our methods stand out:

Precision & Care: Our state-of-the-art mosquito misting machine ensures an accurate application. Targeting shrubs and especially the underside of plants, we deploy a barrier spray that not only eradicates mosquitoes on contact but remains as a repellent for weeks. And here's the good news: in just 30 minutes post-application, your outdoors is safe for both family members and pets.

Benefits Galore:

  1. Enhanced Outdoor Entertainment: Say goodbye to itchy interruptions during your BBQs, pool parties, or relaxing evenings.

  2. Pet Safety: A mosquito-free yard means a safer play environment for your furry friends.

  3. Longevity: One treatment keeps those pesky biters at bay for up to 28 days.

  4. Broad-Spectrum Action: Besides mosquitoes, our treatment tackles a plethora of pests. From ants, aphids, and beetles to spiders, wasps, and more. (Check our comprehensive pest control list below.)

Comprehensive Pest Control List: Ants, Armyworms, Aphids, Bagworms, Boxelder bugs, Budworms, Cockroaches, Crickets, Elm leaf beetles, Flea beetles, Japanese beetles, June beetles, Lace bugs, Leafhoppers, Mosquitoes, Pillbugs, Sawflies, Spiders, Spittlebugs, Thrips, Wasps, and many more.


Your Outdoors Deserve the Best: Our goal is to let you reclaim and enjoy your outdoor spaces without the nuisance of biting pests. With a careful blend of technology and expertise, we're here to serve you with effective, lasting solutions.


For a mosquito-free, joy-filled backyard experience, reach out today. Let's create safe spaces together!

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