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Holiday Lighting & Accents: Illuminate the Festive Spirit!

A Festive Glow for Every Home and Business: With the festive season around the corner, is your residence or business ready to shine its brightest? Dive into the wondrous world of holiday lighting with Edge2Edge Lawn Solutions. Whether you're lighting up a cozy home or a sprawling commercial space, we bring the magic of the holidays right to your doorstep.

Our range of services ensures that no corner remains untouched by the festive spirit:

  • Residential Lighting: Let every home twinkle with joy.

  • Commercial Lighting: Light up your business and stand out this holiday season.

  • Tree & Shrub Illumination: Nature gets festive too! Adorn your trees and shrubs with our twinkling lights.

  • LED Wreaths: An eco-friendly choice to deck your doors and walls, ensuring a warm welcome.

  • Gutter & Ridgeline Lighting: Outline your home’s beauty.

  • Driveway & Walkway Stake Lighting: Guide Santa to your doorstep.

  • Entrance Area & Architectural Lighting: Highlight the most striking features of your property.


Our Process - Simple, Transparent, and Tailored for You:

  1. FREE Estimate: Our journey begins with understanding your vision. We visit your property, discuss your preferences, and help you choose the right lighting display within your budget.

  2. Design & Proposal: Once we have a feel for what you envision, we send you a design, allowing you to visualize the final look. Alongside, we share a transparent, detailed proposal for your review.

  3. Display Installation: Upon your approval, our team gets into action. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis starting from November 1st, guaranteeing your property gleams by mid-December.  We will work with you to schedule an install date that meets your needs and fits into our schedule.

  4. Takedown & Storage: As the season wraps up, we ensure the post-holiday process is hassle-free. We notify you in advance about the takedown, and store all components safely, ready to light up your next festive season.

Affordability Meets Festivity: We believe the joy of the holidays should be accessible to all. With our unique payment options, we make the luxury of holiday lighting affordable for everyone. The festive glow doesn’t have to break the bank; not when you're with Edge2Edge Lawn Solutions! We have created new payment options that allow this luxury to be afforded for all who desire it.  You don't have to add this expense to your Christmas budget work with us and we will work around it!

Ready to Light Up the Season?: The festive ambiance is just a call away. Connect with us at Edge2Edge Lawn Solutions, and let’s make this holiday season your brightest yet!

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