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Landscaping Design and/or Mulch

If you are not sure exactly what you want to do, consider asking for our assistance with our FREE design services.  We take your current situation, your property and your budget, with your vision to establish selections for your choosing.


During the process of the design we will provide you with ideas to consider using our Plant Selector that details the shrubs, trees and/or flowers that meet your criteria and are also good for the zone in which you live.  Other design software is used to help you visualize our suggestions which allows you to make the best decision for you.

However, if design services are not needed, but you just need a fresh layer of mulch, we have a Landscaping mulch service.  This service is typically coupled with the spring clean-up where we will clean up the landscaping and prep it and then we will come in and lay a pre-emergent product to suppress weed growth through the season as well as a fresh coat of mulch that is selected by the customer.

Send us a message or call us today to setup an appointment for us to review your needs.

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